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Male Discharge: Normal Or Abnormal?

Male Discharge
Male Discharge

What is male Discharge?

Male discharge is any substance (other than pee) that originates from the urethra (a tight cylinder in the penis) and streams out the tip of the penis.

Is It Normal?

Normal penile discharge are pre-ejaculate and ejaculate, which happen with sexual excitement and sexual action.

Smegma, which is frequently observed in uncircumcised men who have the prepuce of their penis unblemished, is additionally an ordinary event.

Nonetheless, smegma — an accumulation of oil and dead skin cells — is more a skin condition than a discharge.

Why Does It Occur?


Pre-ejaculate (additionally called precum) is an unmistakable, mucoid liquid that is made by the Cowper’s organs.

These organs sit nearby the urethra. Pre-ejaculate is emitted from the tip of the penis amid sexual excitement.

Most men ejaculate anyplace from a couple of drops to up to a teaspoon, takes note of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, albeit a few men can remove significantly more.

Pre-ejaculate serves to:

grease up the penis in anticipation of sex

get acids from pee out of the penis (lower corrosiveness implies more sperm survival)


Ejaculate is a white, shady, gooey substance that leaves the tip of the penis when a man achieves orgasm.

It contains sperm and liquids created by the prostate, the Cowper’s organs, and the fundamental vesicles in the balls.

Around 1 percent of ejaculation is sperm (the typical man ejaculates about a teaspoon of semen containing 200-million to 500-million sperm).

The other 99 percent is comprised of things like water, sugar, protein, and enzymes.

Shouldn’t Something Be Said About Other Discharge?

An assortment of conditions produce male discharge that aren’t viewed as normal. These include:


Urethritis is an irritation and disease of the urethra. Its side effects include:

a yellowish, green penile discharge

a consuming sensation while peeing

an earnest need to pee

no symptoms at all

Urethritis is ordinarily brought about by microscopic organisms transmitted amid unprotected sex with an infected partner.

As per the Merck Manual, some explicitly transmitted infections (STDs) that produce urethritis include:


herpes simplex virus


Most often, urethritis is brought about by typical microscopic organisms that cause ordinary urinary tract diseases.


Balanitis is a condition set apart by aggravation of the head (glans) of the penis.

It can happen in both circumcised and uncircumcised guys.

As indicated by research distributed in the Journal of Nurse Practitioners, balanitis is progressively basic in uncircumcised men, influencing around 3 percent of them around the world. It Manifestations are:

red, smudged rash

torment while peeing


overflowing discharge from under the foreskin

Balanitis can be brought about by various variables, including:

Poor hygiene. In the event that the prepuce of the penis isn’t pulled back and the uncovered territory consistently cleaned, sweat, pee and dead skin can breed microscopic organisms and growth, causing bothering.

Allergy. Unfavorably susceptible responses to soaps, creams, ointments, condoms, and so on can influence the penis.

Sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can cause irritation in the tip of the penis.

Balanitis regularly happens with posthitis, which is an irritation of the foreskin.

It can occur for all indistinguishable reasons from balanitis and produce comparable indications.

At the point when both the foreskin and head of the penis are inflamed, the condition is called balanoposthitis.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

While UTIs are more typical in ladies than men, microscopic organisms — ordinarily from the rectum — can advance into the urinary tract from ill-advised purifying after a solid discharge. This can result in an UTI.

Indications of an UTI include:

clear or discharge tinged liquid from the penis

feeling a pressing need to pee

consuming sensation while peeing

pee that is shady and additionally having foul smell


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

An assortment of STDs can cause penile discharges. Some include:

Chlamydia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes note of that chlamydia, which is brought about by microorganisms, is the main STD announced in the United States.

Just 10 percent of men (and even less ladies) with archived cases have side effects, says the CDC.

At the point when side effects in men are available, they can include:


watery or bodily fluid like release from the tip of the penis

agony or swelling in the testicles

Gonorrhea. Another common and often transmitted STD that may have no indications is gonorrhea. Men with gonorrhea may undergo:

whitish, yellowish, or even greenish liquid originating from the tip of the penis

torment while peeing

swollen balls

When do I have to see a specialist?

Any penile discharge that isn’t pee or identified with sexual excitement (pre-ejaculation or ejaculation) is viewed as anomalous and necessitates medicinal assessment. Your specialist will:

take your restorative and sexual history

get some information about your manifestations

analyze your penis

utilize a cotton swab to obtain some discharge, and send the example out to a lab for examination

Treatment will rely upon what’s causing the penile discharge.

Bacterial diseases are treated with anti-microbials.

Fungal disease, for example, those that outcome from yeast, are battled with antifungals.

Allergic Irritation can be controled with steroids.