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Treating Phimosis by Stretching the Foreskin


Phimosis happens once the foreskin gets stuck in pace over the anatomical structure (or head) of the erectile organ as a result of it’s too tight.

Phimosis will solely have an effect on you if you’ve got a foreskin (if you’re uncircumcised). Abnormalcy may be a common (and comparatively normal) condition in babies and young kids till around seven years recent.

When it happens to older children or adults, it’s sometimes the results of one amongst the following:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Infection, inflammation, or scarring (pathologic phimosis)
  • Genetic predisposition (physiologic phimosis) that usually resolves itself by the time a child reaches 5 to 7 years old Phimosis isn’t forever a significant cause for concern, and you’ll be able to gently stretch your foreskin till it returns to its traditional position.But if abnormalcy leads to swelling, redness, irritation, or bother urination from the foreskin compression the top of the member, you’ll want treatment for the underlying cause 

    Before you are trying stretching your foreskin, keep the subsequent in mind:

    Be gentle. Don’t pull the foreskin back too laborious, and stop pull once it starts to harm.
    Use a topical steroid cream to assist massage and soften the foreskin so it’s easier to retract. A prescription ointment or cream with zero.05 p.c clobetasol propionate (Temovate) is typically counseled for this.
    Don’t wait too long to induce medical facilitate. If the cream doesn’t facilitate among four to eight weeks, see your doctor for treatment. look for immediate medical facilitate if you’ve got painful swelling or issue pissing.

    Here’s the way to safely stretch your foreskin back in place:


    Apply a skinny layer of steroid cream round the entire foreskin. It ought to cowl all the manner around from the realm at your erectile organ tip right down to wherever your foreskin meets the skin lower on your penis shaft.
    Gently massage the cream into the foreskin, rubbing the foreskin tissue slowly till the cream has been totally absorbed into the skin.
    Carefully try and pull your foreskin back, stopping after you begin feeling discomfort or pain. attempt applying some cream to the tip of your erectile organ, too, once it’s exposed enough.

    Repeat these steps 2 to fourfold daily till you’ll totally retract your foreskin with none pain or discomfort. This will take anyplace from four to eight weeks, therefore don’t agonize if your foreskin doesn’t budge once some days.

    You can conjointly massage your foreskin whereas you’re taking a hot bathtub or shower. The high water temperature helps loosen the skin and makes it easier to stretch.

    Combine stretching within the bathtub with the steroid cream methodology to assist you totally retract your foreskin sooner.


    How to pull back foreskin when erect

    The same steps apply to pull your foreskin back once you’re erect. However you will need to be a bit gentler and a lot of careful, because the foreskin may be even tighter or a lot of uncomfortable throughout Associate in Nursing erection.

    Precautions for how to pull back foreskin without pain

    If you expertise painful erections whereas you’ve got abnormalcy, see a doctor as before long as attainable. Painful erections, particularly with symptoms like swelling and discharge, are often signs of associate degree infection or sexually transmitted malady (STD).

    Keep the subsequent in mind once you’re attempting to tug back your foreskin:

    1. Don’t pull too hard or quickly, as this can damage the foreskin or cause injury.
    2. Don’t keep pulling if you start to feel pain, even if you’re pulling gently.
    3. Stop pulling if your foreskin starts to crack or bleed, as this can expose you to infections.
    4. Don’t have sex if a tight foreskin causes you pain or can’t be retracted enough to expose the head.

      Alternative treatments to foreskin stretching

      In some cases, stretching the foreskin won’t work. See a doctor if this happens — they’ll suggest various home or medical treatments, such as:In some cases, stretching the foreskin won’t work. See a doctor if this happens — they’ll advocate different home or medical treatments, such as:

      Prescription creams

      Other steroid creams for foreskin stretching might embody zero.05 % betamethasone (Celestone Soluspan).


      If a microorganism or mycosis is inflicting abnormalcy and different symptoms like swelling or discharge, a doctor might impose antibiotics to kill the infectious microorganism or fungi.

      Some antibiotics, like flucloxacillin (Floxapen), are taken orally. Others, like clotrimazole (Canesten), are applied as creams or ointments.


      Circumcision consists of surgically removing the foreskin. This treatment is sometimes a final resort if different home or medical treatments haven’t worked.

      An calculable thirty seven to thirty-nine % of men round the world have had this procedure at birth or within the initial few weeks of life thanks to spiritual or cultural reasons.

      But circumcision may also be in dire straits young kids, teenagers, or adults if the foreskin remains too tight, even when treatments.

      Circumcision might also be counseled if you systematically have infections (especially tract infections) or conditions like redness, that is related to having a foreskin.

      Penis hygiene

      Practicing sensible member hygiene can facilitate your avoid abnormal condition or alternative conditions that may happen with a foreskin:

      Wash below your foreskin often, pull it back and gently removal it with soap and water on every occasion you bathe to forestall buildup of water, dirt, bacteria, and alternative substances that may cause sebum or plant life infections.
      Always clean the complete penis, together with the tip, shaft, base, and pocket.
      Wear loose, breathable underwear in order that excessive wet doesn’t build up below your foreskin.
      Trim your pubic hair to assist stop microorganism or plant life infections which will cause abnormal condition.

      When to work out a doctor

      Stop attempting to treat the foreskin yourself and see a doctor if you expertise any of the following:

      Bother urinating

      Burning sensation or pain once you pee

      Painful redness, irritation, or itching

      Abnormal white or cloudy discharge from the penis

      Swelling of the top of the penis (balanitis)

      Inability to drag the foreskin over the penis head once you stretch it back (paraphimosis)