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Weight Loss Supplements You Should Try


You would be hard-pressed to find a woman who wasn’t at least mildly interested in keeping her skin looking as young and fabulous as possible, for as long as she could.

Whether it is because of the pollution in the air or the food we eat, women are finding that their skin is aging much faster than ever before.

One of the ways you can work towards youthful-looking skin is by curating your nightstand or medicine cabinet with the right products.

Cleansing with a gentle face wash, using retinoids, upgrading your SPF routine, using a rich face cream, and exfoliating weekly are all ways to age-proof your skin.

But another often overlooked strategy is the use of supplements.

Anti-aging supplements help keep your skin supple by replenishing your skin’s own lipids (or oils) which diminish with time.

Supplements also contribute to your overall health at the cellular level, keeping your hormones, metabolism, and vital organs in tip-top shape.

In addition to taking fish oil, vitamin D, and probiotics, here are six effective supplements that can help you achieve your skin care goals.

1. Vitamin C

How It Works: Vitamin C has been shown in clinical studies to decrease oxidative stress in cells, which helps cells to grow normally.

Vitamin C assists cells to regenerate and produce healthier skin, pumping the brakes on wrinkles and making your complexion more vibrant.

Benefits: Anti-wrinkle and dullness

How much to take: 100 mg per day

2. Cocoa Flavanols

How It Works: Dark chocolate is both delicious and rich in copper, fiber, manganese, magnesium, iron, and other minerals. It is also believed that the cocoa bean has potential benefits for brain function, cardiovascular health, mood and even skin health!

Studies have shown that flavanols, which are naturally occurring antioxidants in chocolate, act directly on the brain to reduce age-related cognitive decline, as well as have positive effects on facial wrinkles and elasticity.

Benefits: Protects against facial wrinkles and UV damage, boosts elasticity

How much to take: 1,000 mg per day (more than a chocolate bar, unfortunately!)

3. Coenzyme Q10

How It Works: Coenzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant that helps mitochondria stay loaded which, in turn, gives you energy and fuels your daily functioning.

Coenzyme Q10 also aids in repairing telomeres and helps your heart — which also happens to be charged with mitochondria — function at optimal levels.

Benefits: Anti-wrinkle and boosts firmness

How much to take: 200 mg per day

4. Vitamin E

How It Works: Vitamin E has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are essential in skin regeneration and cell turnover, which is the process by which dead skin cells shed off, allowing for healthier new cells to take their place.

It also protects skin from wrinkle-forming UV radiation and environmental damage.

Benefits: Protects against environmental skin damage and dullness

How much to take: 200 IU per day

5. Turmeric

How It Works: Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, is one of the most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

In addition to protecting the brain, it also improves memory and (surprise!) your skin health.

Benefits: Aids skin health – especially for those with acne and psoriasis

How much to take: 1 g per day

6. S-Acetyl Glutathione

How It Works: Composed of three amino acids, glutathione is the most potent antioxidant that your body produces.

Made in the liver, you are more in need of supplementation if your liver isn’t functioning optimally.

Unfortunately, after the age of 20, your natural production of glutathione slows down.

In fact, it drops by about 10 percent with every passing decade. This means, by the time you reach 60 years of age, your body is only making about half as much glutathione as you did when you were younger.

This becomes a problem as it contributes to lowered immunity, flagging energy, and many of the major and minor ailments that we frequently associate with aging.

Taking glutathione supplements can turn this process around, keeping you vital and fit no matter your age.

Benefits: DNA protection, immune support, mitochondrial support, reduction of inflammation, protection against heart disease, cancer, neurological decline, dementia, and other chronic diseases

How much to take: 100 to 300 mg per day

One of the best all-over supplements in the market today is Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails which provides an excellent source of vitamins and minerals plus extra nutritional support to address the unique health needs of active women.

The nutrients in it help to support bone health, cardiovascular function, energy metabolism, immune system health, and more.

In addition to these supplements, regular exercise, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and fun evenings with your loved ones will help you feel young and fabulous well into your later years!

Source: vitaminshop.ae/blog