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What Is The Connection Between HIV And AIDS?


What is HIV?

HIV is a virus that damages the immune system. The immune system helps the body fight infections.

Untreated HIV infects and kills CD4 cells, which are kind of immune cells referred to as T cells.

Over time, as HIV kills additional CD4 cells, the body is additional seemingly to urge varied styles of infections and cancers.

HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids that include:

  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Vaginal and rectal fluids
  • Breast milk

The virus doesn’t unfold in air or water, or through casual contact.

HIV may be a long condition and presently there’s no cure, though several scientists are operating to search out one.

However, with medical aid, as well as treatment known as antiretroviral medical care, it’s attainable to manage HIV and endure the virus for several years.

Without treatment, an individual with HIV is probably going to develop a significant condition known as AIDS.

At that time, the system is simply too weak to oppose different diseases and infections.

Untreated, lifespan with AIDS is concerning 3 years.

With antiretroviral medical care, HIV will be well-controlled and lifespan can be nearly the identical as somebody World Health Organization has not contracted HIV.

It’s calculable that 1.1 million Americans are presently living with HIV. of these individuals, one in five don’t recognize they have the virus.

What is AIDS?

AIDS may be a malady that may develop in individuals with HIV.

It’s the foremost advanced stage of HIV. however simply because an individual has HIV doesn’t mean they’ll develop AIDS.

HIV kills CD4 cells. Healthy adults usually have a CD4 count of five hundred to 1,500 per cubic millimetre.

An individual with HIV whose CD4 count falls below two hundred per cubic millimetre are diagnosed with AIDS.

A person may be diagnosed with AIDS if they have HIV and develop an infection or cancer that’s rare in people that don’t have HIV.

AN infection, like respiratory disorder, is one that takes advantage of a novel scenario, like HIV.

Untreated, HIV will reach AIDS at intervals of a decade.

There’s no cure for AIDS, and while not treatment, anticipation once identification is regarding 3 years.

This could be shorter if the person develops a severe expedient malady.

However, treatment with antiretroviral medication will forestall AIDS from developing.

If AIDS will develop, it implies that the system is severely compromised.

It’s weakened to the purpose wherever it will not oppose most diseases and infections. That produces the person liable to a good vary of sicknesses, including:

The shortened life expectancy coupled with untreated AIDS isn’t a right away results of the syndrome itself.

Rather, it’s a results of the diseases and complications that arise from having a system weakened by AIDS.

Connection Between

To develop AIDS, an individual needs to have contracted HIV.

However having HIV doesn’t essentially mean that somebody can develop AIDS.

Cases of HIV progress through 3 stages:

  • stage 1: acute stage, the first few weeks after transmission
  • stage 2: clinical latency, or chronic stage
  • stage 3: AIDS

As HIV lowers the CD4 cell count, the immune system weakens.

A typical adult’s CD4 count is five hundred to 1,500 per metric capacity unit.

An individual with a count below two hundred is taken into account to possess AIDS.

How quickly a case of HIV progresses through the chronic stage varies considerably from person to person.

While not treatment, it will last up to a decade before advancing to AIDS. With treatment, it will last indefinitely.

There is no cure for HIV, however it may be controlled. folks with HIV typically have a near-normal period with early treatment with antiretroviral medical aid.

On those self same lines, there’s technically no cure for AIDS.

However, treatment will increase a person’s CD4 count to the purpose wherever they’re thought of to now not have AIDS.

(This purpose may be a count of two hundred or higher). Also, treatment will usually facilitate manage timeserving infections.